The Very First ‘Campaign Confidential’ from the Elizabeth Edwards Campaign!

As I’ve already posted, campaign season is now here. And we are lucky enough to have an anonymous source in the Elizabeth Edwards campaign who is going to be telling us some stories about what that is like and also letting us know about EE campaign events you might be interested in attending. All with the goal of supporting John Edwards campaign to make the White House a progressive residence.

Here is today’s report:

I spent yesterday afternoon with 32 Edwards for President volunteers (10 more that last time-a nicely growing group) at the HRC Gala dinner at the Bill Graham Civic Center. The ever-wonderful Mrs. Edwards was the evening’s opening speaker and  once again we handed out flyers regarding his positions on LGBT issues and signed up anyone who was interested in additional information or getting involved with the campaign.

The ever-wonderful Mrs. Edwards was the evening’s opening speaker and she wowed the 1000+ crowd who gave her standing ovations before and after the speech. She looked fabulous in a deep maroon silk shantung pants suit – elegant, tasteful and very First Lady-ish. And most importantly she looks healthy and strong and full of energy in-spite of a schedule that would exhaust mere mortals.

Her message was an admonishment of the hate that is tolerated in this country and a belief that it need not be so. She shared a personal story of her own role as a mother explaining what the word prejudice means to her 7-year-old son, Jack The boy simply could not understand the concept of some people hating others for reasons such as who they love. She reminded us all that intolerance is a learned behavior and that it is up to us to fight for its extinction, starting with our children.

Mrs. Edwards (EE in the campaign vernacular) left early this morning to open the Reno campaign office. Nevada is a key early primary state and the campaign is working hard on its presence there. California volunteers have asked me how we might assist our eastern neighbors. The campaign is looking into opportunities to recruit from California One Corp chapters. Anyone interested in getting involved should go to and join One Corp.

This should be an interesting week with the campaign making decisions as to secondary states for primary focus. Stay tuned . . .

If you are a member of the LGBT community or a true progressive you should be aware of EE and John’s opposition to the ReichWing hatemongers and what they would have Americans believe about those who are ‘different’. Get with the program and support the Progressive Movement’s most viable candidate since FDR. Who was also a ‘rich guy’ as the harpies of the Reich would put it. As CC put’s it stay tuned we are going to have more for you to read, attend and most importantly do to help EE and John lead us to a better life.


3 Responses to The Very First ‘Campaign Confidential’ from the Elizabeth Edwards Campaign!

  1. tekstone says:

    Great comparison of JE to FDR. I like it!

    I think Edwards would change things in this country about as significantly as FDR did in some ways.

    Other than Kucinich, Edwards is the only candidate that represents true change from the status quo.

    A female or African American or Latino president that supports the corporate-run status quo doesn’t seem like change to me. . . just the same old bullshit with a different face.

  2. malcontent says:

    It’s great to have a new blogging resource here at BRAG (and DL/Oakland). I look forward to more reports from the Edwards campaign trail.

    I want to address one issue, which I believe is not well understood. Anonymous almost touched on it, but I’ll dive in. Edwards can WIN CALIFORNIA. This will only happen if his campaign completely commits to the key counties and districts throughout the state where he already has significant traction. I believe his strongest footholds are also among the areas where the greatest number of absentee ballots are cast. Take a look at the chart from the CA Secretary of State’s office, which shows the extraordinary increase in absentee ballots cast over the last 44 years:


    Strong outreach to the progressive voters of California can have a significant impact on the outcome of the Primary Election (~47% statewide), as well as the General Election (~42% statewide) cycles. I have as much respect for Nevada as any other sovereign state in our union. I just believe California has the potential to make a bigger impact on the future course of this country.

    My $0.02.

  3. regular_guy says:

    A fine post, and I agree with tekstone, Edwards is the only viable candidate representing real change. The early primaries are the key to success. I strongly urge all who agree to support the Edwards campaign via ActBlue:

    And, I encourage the Edwards campaign to resist the temptation of big money and influence from the status quo. Thank you, Campaign Confidential !

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