Deep Doo Doo


Ah yes folks, the good news is John Do-nothing is going to run for the US House of Reps once again. All I can say is yeah!!! Charlie Brown, his progressive opponent should mop the floor with his carcass. After eight terms, that’s right, EIGHT, this seemingly undefeatable candidate is finally going to get his butt kicked. The big money boys in DC are looking askance at Doolittle’s campaign and are not coughing up the bucks needed to install this idiot for a ninth term. Meanwhile, the Charlie Brown campaign is gaining momentum. After the April 13th FBI’S raid of Doodoo’s home in Oakton, VA, maybe the big buckaroo’s decided to plow their funds into another candidate. Too bad, so sad, ta, ta, bye, bye. Brown, who came within 3 points of defeating Doolittle in November, is gaining ground and has raised almost twice as much as his intrepid opponent. Meanwhile Doolittle has posted $32,250 in debt compared to $251,000 in Brown’s coffers. My, my, my! It is interesting to note that Doolittle’s biggest expense during the last three months has been $50,000 in fundraising payments to Sierra Dominion Financial Solutions, a company owned by his wife and operated out of the couple’s house. Hummmmmmmm. Can you say CONFLICT OF INTEREST??????? The raid in April, on Doolittle’s home, was conducted as a part of the Justice Department’s ongoing investigation into Doodoo’s relationship with convicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff. Nothing-suspicious here folks!

The second quarter of an off year in the two –year congressional campaign cycle generally shows increasing income, as Brown’s did, but for Do-nothing the trend was in the opposite direction. His campaign took in $128,000 in the first quarter and barely topped $100,000 in the second. Doolittle says that local Republicans are committed to his re-election in 2008, but where are they? And, I am glad to announce, that Doodoo has finally broken ranks with his fellow Republicans and denounced the “war” in Iraq. He thinks we should bring the troops home. That isn’t gonna save ya dork. Too little too late!!!! Charlie Brown is going to clean sweep the election no doubt. He is a progressive with an impressive service background who knows what the people want. Please run Doolittle, please, please, please!!!!


5 Responses to Deep Doo Doo

  1. A.Citizen says:

    Excellent stuff DBS! And folks don’t fergit to visit our ‘For a Blue Majority Now!’ page and show some $upport for Charlie. The righteous do not win without the bread.

  2. Xsazyjwa says:

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