Senator Webb demonstrates that, yes, he is a Populist…

Something we need a lot more of in the Senate, in the House and in state governments around the country. Montana has got it figured as do many of the Mountain West states. Let’s hope we can elect more people who are ready to say and then act on such as this:

Mr. Webb originally identified with Democrats in the days when he was not very politically active, but he moved to the Republican Party after watching how Democrats handled the Vietnam War. But he said since the September 11 terrorist attacks, Republicans have squandered leadership on national security, and he said he has always had a beef with Republicans on what he called “basic fairness” issues involving American workers.

He criticized what he called “the Rubin wing of the Democratic Party,” after Robert E. Rubin, former President Bill Clinton’s Treasury secretary, saying those Democrats share the same problem as many Republicans: “We’re not paying attention to what has happened to basic working people in the country.”

He said of the freshman Senate Democrats, six of them take a “populist” view, and said they are bringing needed reinforcements to the Senate: “We’ve got a number of us that pretty well see the economic issues the same way. I think that’s the Democratic Party of the future.”

Help send more like Jim Webb to national office by going here and contributing either time or money.


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