Breakfast with Wilma Chan….Don’t Miss this Big Meetup about Health-Care Legislation.

California legislator Wilma Chan has been an advocate for the community for some time now. After serving in the State House of Legislators she is now gearing up to run for our termed-out State Senator Don Perata. Here is an exit interview with her from our bud Frank Russo over at California Progress Report.
In it you can see that she recognizes that health-care is a big, big issue. No surprise there as most progressive politicians realize that something must be done before it’s way too late. She will be brunching with us on July 29th at 11:30 am at Luka’s and then will, as I understand the agenda, give a brief talk to our group, if enough folks show up, in the Lounge at Luka’s.
This is a great opportunity to meet a local politician who has our needs at heart and to get a better idea of what universal health-care legislation in this state is up against. Come on out, listen to someone on the front lines of this fight, and it is a fight as you know, and get involved.


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