While Republican Posture and Bloviate THIS is What is Being Done In Your Name!

Warning: This video is ugly, savage and without a doubt not for the kids or the squeamish….But it is what George W. Bush and his ‘Rubber Stamp Republican Party’ are doing in the full light of day. Send a link to this to anyone you know who thinks the ‘Surge’ is working or that, in fact, the people ‘running’ this brutal, illegal occupation have any fucking idea what they are doing. And I do mean any idea at all.

Now some folks over at FDL taking odds that Senate Republicans are will abandon Bush in the near future. I don’t agree. I think they are far too stupid. So….

Call them up and give them the word on this.

Or you will be just as guilty of what we as a nation have created in The MeatGrinder as they and Bush and Cheney are. By the way Cheney’s turn in the barrel is coming right up. You might consider supporting that too.


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