Doverbitch Speaks for Me….How About You…How Long Are You Intending to Sit on Your Hands?

From Hullabaloo:

How would delaying a vote in order to placate the Republicans be any different than “stalling it on partisan grounds?” How long should we stick with a failed policy just to allow the GOP senators time to feel comfortable about doing what’s right for America? How many soldiers should America tolerate sacrificing while GOP senate aides channel their inner-Frank Luntz and write a series of Friday press releases? 100? 200? 1,000?

How many limbs is it OK for our troops to lose while Mitch McConnell figures out how to save face? How many more terrorists should we be OK with breeding in Iraq? How many more billions of dollars should we be willing to spend?

How much deeper should we dig the hole we’re in before the Washington Post decides it’s no longer “irresponsible” for Harry Reid to make life awkward for Bush’s minions?’

The time to speak up is right now. Not next week. Right now. Tips on how to do so here………………


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