Yearly Kos is Upon Us!

Yep, it’s almost here folks! I for one am not quite ready but malcontent and I will be live blogging, if I can get my box de-malwared in time, from the great city of Chicago. Kid Oakland, Gina, Kos, Justin and Katrina will all be there. Along with….you know every frikin’ Democrat running for President. Bill O’Lielly is already bloviating about it. JetBlue screwed the pooch and all the corporatists media AssClowns will be there. If I see Katie Couric I may lose it…nah, she’s an airhead not worth the time to spit on. That’s us rude, uncivil, bloggers spoilin’ fer a fight. Well, I do have my small group of fans so I can’t be all wrong no matter what tekstone says.

Enough with the inside baseball. One thing that will be happening that you, dear reader, might be interested in is the Presidential Forum. This is where us Kossacks get to ask the presidential candidates a question. Now, I got plenty of those but….

Our progressive movement is built around particiapation. As you should know Thomas Jefferson said, standing on the steps of Philadelphia Hall after finishing the Constitution:

‘Today we have created a participatory democracy; that is, a Democracy for those who participate.’

So I’m asking you. What question do you want me to ask if I get the opportunity?

Put yours in the comments and I or malcontent will pick one.


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