Chicago Dyke’s Ten Reasons to Impeach.

And brother they are very good ones indeed. Madame Speaker Pelosi should take time out from letting Agribusiness pack more pork into the gotdamn Farm Bill and read them.

Here’s the first one:

1. The purpose of electing Democrats and keeping them in the majority is not so that elected Democrats can stay in their jobs forever. At least, that’s not why I write things I believe may help support them. I vote Democratic because I can’t vote Republican, and because most of the alternatives aren’t much better. But I still expect some return for my vote. “Return” for me isn’t “making sure Senator X has a job in the Senate for life.” It means that at least once in a while, elected officials will do what’s right, act according to popular will, and help people…even if it means they may not get reelected the next time around.

Got that Nancy? You will be facing questions on your action or rather lack of same when this woman enters the primary against you. And guess what? We will be looking to help her tell your constiuents all about ‘setting the table’.

Read the other nine reasons CD put down here………..

And add yer own in the comments.


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