YKC 2007: in transit

Tags: YearlyKos, meta

This is sort of a test blog, which I’m sending from Chicago via my phone and a post-by-email technology, called BlogMailr.

Right now I’m in transit to the convention center on the local transit system’s Blue Line. Not bad so far, just a little slow. If I end up staying at this hotel for the duration of the YearlyKos Convention, I’ll certainly get my share of "quality time." Considering I’m one of those go-get-’em mesomorphs, I’m not sure how this will pan out.

I’m looking forward to a long day of YKC goodness. My first planned event starts in about an hour. Stay tuned.


One Response to YKC 2007: in transit

  1. A.Citizen says:

    Caught the Howard Dean keynote and man he definitely brought the progressive spirit to the crowd.

    Looking forward to some good posts from you. Say hi to all who know me and tell them I’ll be there next year!

    Wherever ‘there’ is.

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