‘Madame Speaker’ and Senator Reid I have something to say to you….

Not to put too fine a point on it but your ‘leadership’ skills in your respective Houses of Congress….

clik on the graphs for a better look

Well, they just plain suck. Yeah, I know. ‘We just don’t have the votes…’ Yadda and yadda….. Listen up you miserable losers.

We here in the blogosphere know better. Your colleagues in Congress know better. Just ask Dennis Kucinich he’ll tell you what you should be doing it’s call ‘De funding the War’ it’s the prerogative of Congress not President Bush, fascist lil’ puppet that he is, and by not exercising your Constitutional responsibilities you are doing two things:

First, making Bush’s assault on the Constitution and the Rule of Law a cake-walk for him and his fascist backers.

Second, making your re-election and a super-majority of Democrats in the Senate problematical. Now I really don’t care if either of you are ‘worried’ about re-election but be assured you will find primary opposition the next time you run. I can promise you that and that that opposition will have net-roots support. What really pisses me off though is how you are using both hands to throw away an opportunity to put working progressive majorities in place in both Houses in 2008.

That’s just sickening and proof positive that you are not fit to lead.

Recognize that ‘business as usual’ kow-towing to the Madman-in-the-White-House and his party of Treason, Murder and Genocide just ain’t gonna cut in anymore and…..

Get the fuck to work!


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