Blue America is….Well, It’s Blue as Hell.

From Howie Klein via FDL on the FISA vote:

And a little good news on this dismal night. Every single Blue America endorsed candidate– no exceptions– voted against Bush’s unconstitutional power grab. (No one who voted for it will be eligible for a future endorsement.) Our incumbents who voted no were Tom Allen (ME), Steve Cohen (TN), John Hall (NY), Jerry McNerney (CA), Patrick Murphy (PA), Jerrold Nadler (NY), Carol Shea-Porter (NH), and Hilda Solis (CA). Here’s where you can say thanks for doing your job if you think that’s merited. I might add that Steve Cohen faces a tough primary from a reactionary Democrat from the corrupt, right-wing Harold Ford Machine and that both John Hall and Carol Shea-Porter are in Republican-leaning districts where they are already being smeared by the far right for being soft on terrorism.

So all you concern trolls who are whining about ‘Spineless Dems’ selling out remember two things:

First, Democrats are not all alike.

Second, the solution is clear we must elect more progressive Democrats through Blue America. Folks who’ve proven they will fight for your interests. Folks who will fight for your rights.


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