Madame Speaker, Senator Reid….

… dumb are you? This little gem should, I say should but I am not optimistic, awaken you to the fact that President Bush and his cabal of Fascistii are serious about…

Well, about keeping you and everyone in your party out of office. About exercising dictatorial power however they see fit. I say that if you cannot indict all the people responsible for this, and soon Madame Speaker and friend, that you are simply unfit to hold your office. One you hold solely because the people of America want you and your party to hold Bush and the Republican Party accountable for their actions.

Fail to do so Madame Speaker, Senator, at you peril. We, the people of America, gave you the office you hold.

We can, and will, take it away if you do not stand up for the rule of law in this nation and…

Do so every time the ‘conservative’ criminals break same.


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