‘Bush Dog’ Baird Gets an Earful….The Citizenry has had Enough of Mr. Decider and his tools!

Watch as previously happy Democrats give Rep. Baird the word…And the Word is: Get Out of Iraq or we will get you out of Congress!


You know this guy really pisses me off. I guess you can see I am not alone. A primary challenge is already promised for this idiot ‘Bush Dog’. We in the netroots are pushing back and it’s gonna clean out a whole lot of trash that’s accumulated in Congress, yeah I know Baird is a newby I hope he is renting in D.C., Google ‘Bush Dog Democrat’ and whatya get? 900 hits. Two weeks ago? Zero.

This campaign which addresses so many of your complaints about ‘Spineless Dems’ is catching fire! So get with the program and push back against these dangerously deluded fools working for Mr. Nuclear War on your dime.

Oh…almost forgot! Here is Rep. Baird’s contact info. Let him know how you feel about his pathetic spinelessness. And I really don’t are if you are polite. It looks very much as if it’s going to take being hit over the head with the facts to get our representatives to wake up to reality.


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