‘Tribute of Light’ Tonight in New York City.

Sept 11th NYC 2007

I only have one thing to say. It’s a question for you reader.

When will the Bush administration be held accountable for their complicity in the events of September 11, 2001?


5 Responses to ‘Tribute of Light’ Tonight in New York City.

  1. enigma4ever says:

    it is a really good question….mnay want to know the truth….

  2. JustSickOfIt says:

    “When will the Bush administration be held accountable?”

    The simple answer is as soon as you put down the fucking remote and start walking the streets, waving signs and encouraging other people to do the same. This is a nice start, but questions with no answers are like sex with no orgasms.

    Grow a set and take action.

  3. A.Citizen says:

    I don’t own a TV. Look around here and you will see what I and others here are doing to get the question answered

    In fact, just asking it is action.

  4. Kira says:

    Too bad C&L’s got blinders on about this. Support the call for a REAL investigation. The evidence is there. But, don’t count on the Dems. I got a feeling they’ve got some skeletons in the closet, too. Why else would they shirk their duty to defend the Constitution.

    Thanks for this post.

  5. Kira says:

    I accidentally closed my page here & went back to C&L to get the link again. In that couple of minutes – is your post already “disappeared?”

    Sorry, I just don’t respect that kind of censure on free speech when it’s as polite & considerate as your post.

    Maybe I missed it, but I think it’s gone.

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