My Letter to Wes Clark…

Dear General Clark:

It’s hard to frame in words my deep disappointment in your endorsement of Senator Clinton.

Having met you at YearlyKos 2006 I had felt that you were amazingly enough a progressive despite your years in the military. Sadly, that is clearly not the case.

I close with two questions for you General Clark:

‘How long will we continue to let the MI complex dictate our very society’s shape and spirit?’ Are the answers to all our problems simply a bigger military hammer as the Senator advocates?

General the nation is crying out for a change in direction. Not more of the same so the war profiteers can continue to loot the U.S. Treasury with your and the Senator’s permission.

The Republican meme of a ‘strong military’ is wearing too thin to carry Senator Clinton to victory.

Or at least so I hope.

I’m un-subscribing from your email list as I truly doubt you will be part of the solutions to our nation’s problems.



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