Do You Want Your Habeus Corpus Back? Or….

…are ya too busy watchin’ the NFL on yer wide-screen TV? If ya do want it back Senators Leahy and Dodd would like your help.

Clik on this picture of the Magna Carta being signed in 1215 and you’ll go whizzing thru the InnerTubes to the petition you can sign urging the ‘Gutless Reid’ and the rest of the weaklings in Congress to stick it to Mr. Decider and his Fascist Cadre.


One Response to Do You Want Your Habeus Corpus Back? Or….

  1. Pit Boss says:

    I believe there are many americans who don’t believe that impeachment can be accomplished, especially after the democratic win that proved almost fruitless.

    On top of that, the movement is seen as a fringe. I would guess only 10% of supporters would actually march. We need the energy to go into pins, bumper stickers, wristbands and the like.

    We follow trends. If we see more people, especially friends and colleagues showing their support, we are likely to ask more. Marchers and protesters are preaching to the choir and cause us to appear as a fringe movement. That is why i started A different subtle way to get friends and colleagues to ask questions. Strangers won’t.

    Bush is on the verge of walking away unscathed. Don’t let him.

    Pit Boss

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