My recent comment to the ‘Concern Trolls’ at dKos…

….lissen up you CTs. Politics is a slow moving affair. Stamping yer foot and sayin’, ‘Them Dems are a bunch o’ wussies an I ain’t gonna support ’em no more is buying into a ReThug frame without any question. This is what their tactics are designed to do. Got that? So…if yer a true progressive please…


And get to work on making sure that those Dems you get the party to 60 in the Senate are progressives not ‘Bush Dogs’ nor DINOs.

That’s the ball to keep our eye on.


Never forget we’ve got the most powerful ally, aside from the people themselves, we could wish for. None other than:

George W. Bush, America’s Greatest Conservative President!

With Mr. 25% going on TV and showing the voters just how bat-shit crazy he and his ‘Party’ are we can do this.

Now, don’t get me wrong if you are a concern troll and simply must show everyone…go ahead. It’s your right as an American citizen.


I’ll be working for a progressive Senate majority.


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