Why the Screaming and Yelling about ‘Genrul Betrayus’ and the MoveOn ad matters…

Many at dKos think that the vote to censure Move on for their ad about the ‘…ass-kissing little chickenshit…’ General Petreaus is…well, it’s not all that important or they’re so disgusted they’re gonna give up.

Sorry there homer but it really, really is important as George Lakoff will tell you. As for givin’ up on reforming the Democratic Party or voicing your opinions through grass roots organizations? Well hell that’s’ what the Republicans want you to do. Go home and shut up.

Yep, shut up.

The really infuriating thing about this affair today in the Senate is that the Democrats would be just as happy as the ReThugs if you would shut up and stop bothering them all the time about Habeas Corpus, The MeatGrinder, FISA and all that other stuff. You were supposed to be happy with a dinky minimum wage hike and then you were supposed too….

Shut up.

Digby blogs about why this is so. I can’t improve on what she said today so I’m gonna throw a linky in right here. And…then I’ll shut up. Here’s a little teaser quote for ya all:

I’m reminded of this because the whole of DC seems to be once again wringing their little lace hankies and calling for the fainting couch over the phony Move On controversy, pretending that Move On did something uniquely despicable and that the Republicans who wore purple heart band-aids at their political convention and slimed John Kerry as a traitor, are truly aggrieved that someone would use the word “betray” in the same breath as a General. Everyone knows it’s a puppet show. Everyone knows it’s a ploy. The country thinks it’s a waste of time. But the Villagers are determined to ensure that no outsiders influence the political process. To that end they all — the press, the Republicans and the Democrats alike — gather together to repel the invaders.

Go. Check it out. It’s vintage Digby; savage and astute.


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