A Video on ‘The Shock Doctrine’

Warning: This video is not for the easily upset or squeamish and do not let the kids watch!

Hat tip to Paul Rosenberg over at OpenLeft for this. He is starting a series of posts on the biggest question facing progressives everywhere. Can we engineer radical progressive reform in our government and if so, how?

Here’s a quote:

It’s the hegemony of “free market” ideology, widely embraced by Democrats as well as Republicans, and virtually ubiquitous among the media, that is central to the problems we face. Of course, “free market” is a heavily-loaded ideological term. There is a world of difference between the competitive marketplace-which capitalists have always loathed because it drives down profits-and the oligopoly capitalism that has been the mainstay of those promoting this ideology until very recently, when crony capitalism has emerged as even more central and pernicious.

Read the entire post here. I’ll be keeping you posted on this discussion and, perhaps, commenting on same. We are in the midst of a transformative time for our nation. Only if we act with energy and dispatch will our children grow up free and prosperous.

Flash Update: From Crooks and Liars we have:

‘The Trophy Video’

‘Shadow War’

Of course BushCo is in full ‘pushback’ mode with ‘Cute, Perky’ Dana Perino giving her all in a video post here……


She comes off appearing to be dumber than Bush. Interesting technique the Bushists are using lately I call it school of ‘Don’t you feel sorry for me as I piss on myself with my totally unbelievable lies?’

Not so much, assholes…..


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