‘Disaster Capitalism’ the Monstrous Offspring of Military Keynsianism.

These beefy dudes are here to protect you. They are the proud, the few, the high-paid chumps who do the dirty work for the Bushists, the Xtian Dominionists and Fascistii everywhere on planet earth. Oh…did I say they were gonna protect you? Well if your rich enough to afford to book on Help Jet they will be your buddies. If you are poor, black and live or lived in New Orleans?

Not so fukin’ much.

BlackWater, whom those ‘roided up freaks above work for is a big player in the new boom. The economic engine the Bushists put in place to take the place of the Clintion dot.com bubble. This locus of money, military force and free-market cannibalism has a name. Naomi Klein christened the monster ‘Disaster Capitalism’ in her new book Shock Doctrine. Here’s a quote from her Guardian Article:

….the effect was the creation of the disaster capitalism complex – a fully fledged new economy in homeland security, privatized war and disaster reconstruction tasked with nothing less than building and running a privatized security state, both at home and abroad. The economic stimulus of this sweeping initiative proved enough to pick up the slack where globalization and the dotcom booms had left off. Just as the Internet had launched the dotcom bubble, 9/11 launched the disaster capitalism bubble. "When the IT industry shut down, post-bubble, guess who had all the money? The government," said Roger Novak of Novak Biddle Venture Partners, a venture capitalism firm that invests in homeland security companies. Now, he says, "Every fund is seeing how big the trough is and asking, ‘How do I get a piece of that action?’"

The answer to that question was simple all ya had to do was ask. And the money rolled in. Billions of it in fact. From Katrina to The MeatGrinder to the I-34W bridge collapse the opportunities are not only there for tremendous profits with government in the hands of the MI Complex and Bush’s Republican party are in the perfect position to create these opportunities for their friends.

Who got the contracts to build the camps to imprison house the refugees from Katrina? Yeah that would be KBR. A subsidiary of the company Cheney still works for as I remember. Who guards the prisoners in these camps secures the camps? Blackwater of course.

The really big money has taken notice and this is one of the reasons ‘we’ can’t get out of Iraq. It’s just too profitable. If a few Americans, an perhaps a million Iraqis, die, hey, that’s the price of doing business.

And as we all know the business of America is business.

Don’t wanna hear this? Well the situation can be changed but it’s gonna take a lot of time, work and money. But the alternative is a lot worse. We are headed for a dark future if we don’t start now.

You can read more of Klein’s thoughts in the latest Harper’s online (this is a pay to view site). Or ask me I’ve got a copy. And….

It’s not as if people, well people in England, haven’t been concerned about this emerging cancer for quite some time. It’s just that the corporatist press don’t feel you need to know about this stuff. It’s got to be a good idea because it’s in line with the Kool-Aid Jim Jones the ‘free market’ advocates say is the way to go.

What they don’t tell you is that your destination may look a lot like this………….

So pick up the phone and call Rep. Henry Waxman and tell him to spike Blackwater’s guns, as a start, or one day soon you may look out your window and see those guys in my picture…

At your front door.


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