Want to have a few words with some ‘Bush Dogs’ including…..

….Rep. Jerry McNerney about the latest cave to the ReichWing about the Generul Betrayus MoveOn.org ad?

You can be part of the debate about what to do about Jerry and the others by taking the poll right here………..

Take it and stand by…this capitulation will not be ignored. Action is in the offing. I will keep you posted as to the state of play.

Flash Update: Here’s what Matt Stoller had to say from the scene of the crime:

– Lots of good candidates are saying the right things about the Moveon condemnation in the House, but not a lot of incumbents are. As it happens, I was on the Hill today, and it’s stark just how disorganized the Democrats are. Most of them had no guidance on how to vote, and just went on instinct without having seen the amendment. The whip operation was either out to lunch or actively encouraged members to vote for this measure to ‘make it go away’. I could see either conventional wisdom pushing the vote this direction or an explicit Clyburn-Hoyer decision. It doesn’t matter anymore.

Just frikin’ pathetic. ‘..whip operation out to lunch…..’. True Democratic ‘Leadership’….Pelosi? She needs to go along with Hoyer and Emmanuel. Period.


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