Bored, job got ya down, social life leave a little to be desired?

Well it seems Ol’ Chairman Waxman’s got another bee in his bonnet about some Bush appointee not doing his/her job. Imagine that would ya! One wonders some times what the Chairman thinkshis job is.

Here’s what I told the chairman today:


Mr. Chairman,

When are you going to actually do something besides flap yer gums at the myriad of ‘suspicious’ looking ‘folks’ working for the Bush cabal?

Jes wonderin’….

Ya know?

You can express yourself at the Oversight Committee webform here……………….

Might relieve the boredom as it’s always a good idea to vent your spleen occasionally.

Flash Update: I just got a requst for $$$ for the corporatist sellout Rahm Emmanuel so I decided to go on over to teh DCCC website and give him the word on his chutzpah in asking for cash for the collection of ‘Bush Dogs’ he’s so proud of. But….

A few other folks beat me to it!

Check it out.


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