Democrats? I don’t call these wimps ‘Democrats’….I call them Moral Cowards! Or worse…..

Watch Bill and his guest show Rahm for what he and the rest of his ilk are….Cowards.

This pathetic little weasel hasn’t got the guts to do his job. And so….

He should be out of it ASAP.

Okaaaaaaaaaaay….no we’ve got Miss Nancy on a clip with Wolf and hard as it may be to believe she’s worse than Ol’ Ramit!

These folks just do not get it.

They need to be told, preferably every day, that we need to get out of Iraq.

Contact info for Congress can be found here…………


5 Responses to Democrats? I don’t call these wimps ‘Democrats’….I call them Moral Cowards! Or worse…..

  1. A.Citizen says:

    I wasn’t too fond of Pelosi’s ‘…for those who have been paying attention comment.’ Arrogant bitch needs to be kicked in the ass until she gets the message…

    ‘You work for us. Keep a civil tongue in your otherwise empty head.’

  2. Amen Corner says:

    She is all that and more! Too darned arrogant and mannish for me!

  3. Amen Corner says:

    I just hope that WHO ever is the next president of the USA, they will hurry up and replace her. She’s not a very happy person so she tires to make others as miserable as she seems to be.

  4. Bill says:

    I have to admit, I had read an article saying that Rahm is a real ball-buster. And even though he made a couple of valid points, I was still really disappointed by what I saw on Real Time. I think Bill made his point by keeping quiet through most of that dialogue and letting Rahm dig his own grave.

  5. A.Citizen says:

    This clip gave me the idea for my new nickname for Rep. Emmanuel….

    ‘Rabbit’ Rahm

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