A call for Action!

Others have been working on this for days but now the crunch is on. The corporatists of BushCo have nominated an individual to be on the Federal Election Commission the folks who ‘oversee’ the voting process at the Federal Level. They picked a certain Hans von Spakovsky. A typical Bush nominee as you can read here.

Senators Feingold and Obama have just released a statement giving their opinion as to how they view this nominee:

“While at the Department of Justice, Hans von Spakovsky was directly involved in efforts to politicize the Department and use the Voting Rights Section to disenfranchise voters, rather than enforce our nation’s civil rights laws. As a recess appointee to the FEC he has been a committed, ideological opponent of the campaign finance laws he is supposed to enforce. Putting him at the head of the FEC is just another example of this administration putting the fox in charge of the hen house. We oppose his nomination, and any effort to tie his nomination to the other pending nominations to the FEC.”

Oooooooh! Does not seem like the Senators think much of this choice. FireDogLake has been coordinating a call-in campaign to spike this nomination here…………….. Clik thru and do check out the linked dKos Diary about this.

Then get active, on the phone or otherwise, to pressure Miss Nancy and Conyers to do their jobs. We cannot afford to have corrupt Republican officials overseeing our voting process if we expect to drive them from the seat of power.


It’s now time for Pelosi to start being a Democrat. Not ‘acting’ like one, not triangulating, not posing….

Being one.

Watch for my direct action to highlight her failures in a very public way coming here soon.


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