Some members of the ‘Democrat’ Party are not getting the message…..

The Great Orange Satan has a message for them:

As I’ve already emailed you about Bush Dogs and Bush Bitches, Miss Nancy in particular, imagining that as incumbents they are immune to anything that Free Left Blogistan can do to them, are continuing to capitulate to Mr. Decider, who saying insane shit these days and giving him and his American Fascist Republican Party victory after victory. All of which is bad for America. Bad for the vast majority of Americans.

For more on what I’m referring to see this dKos diary and then go to our ‘For a Blue Majority Now!‘ page and help Edwards out…both of them.

And no it’s not all bad news………….

If you want a better America to live in…a better life…now is the time to start working for in.

The ‘Conservative’ ReichWing and their ‘Democrat’ Party enablers are just not going to give it to you.

You’re gonna have to take it.

Flash Update: You can send one of the worst Bush Dogs a kick in the face by contributing here.

Flash Update II: Digby explains more here……………


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