Brain Food Lives!

Yes, it is still alive. Indeed, it’s doing pretty well. I’ve just neglected to publicize it much. At all really. Here’s a list of the books ‘in stock’ at the moment:

Paul Revere’s Ride by David Hackett Fischer   This is a great piece of non-fiction describing how networks and non-linear political
                                                                        action set the stage for the First American Revolution

Wait Dont’ Move to Canada by Bill Sher          A good if now dated look at what progressives should be working on with some
                                                                        excellent takes on framing.

Reason by Rober B. Reich                                Decent discussion of what the vile Bush and the Right Wing Noise Machine have
                                                                        done to America and why it’s imperative that ‘liberal’ fight back.

The Republican Noise Machine
                                     by   David Brock         Title say it all

Framing the Debate by Jeffery Feldman             The book on framing; at least, one not written by Lakoff…heh…

The following will be available as soon as I’ve read them. A week or two….

Blink by Malcolm Gladwell                                A perspective on how we humans think, mostly about each other.

The Origin of Wealth by Eric D Beinhocker       This is one amazing text on the new theory of Complexity Economics and it’s
                                                                         implications for society. Astounding stuff. 

We at ‘Brain Food’ are proud to say that none of these books have less than a 5 star rating at So see me next meetup and…..

Don’t forget to bring a book, if you have one, that will contribute to our ongoing progressive education.                      



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