I wrote this post in April, 2006….

And one thing holds up pretty well; that is, why the hell is everybody talking as if ‘bombing Iran…’ will ‘knock out’ their underground laboratories. Clik the relevant link and you will see that…it will not. But of course that’s not the real reason Neocon scum led by the inept Cheney want to bomb Iran…or is it?

Strait_of_Hormuz.jpg So Mr. Bush in a transparent effort to get his poll numbers up prior to the off year congressional elections is rattling his saber. Pretty much all he’s got left given that most Americans believe he is both incompetent and a liar. Here some things to think about with regards to the latest scare campaign by McChimpy and Mr. Cheney, or "Doin’ Time" as he will soon be known. These folks want to show you something about "nuclear bunker busters", funny how the psychopaths who have seized power like to use corporate advertising techniques such as: "shock and awe"; too bad the insurgents don’t seem to get it; "fight them there so we don’t have to fight them over here…", don’t count yer chickens on that one, and my personal favorite: "They hate our freedoms….". Yet these "transformative" leaders have no idea as whether their plans will actually work. Maybe that’s what they mean by "faith based"… But then what do a bunch of egghead scientists know? They don’t believe in the Creation. They say that Adam and Eve didn’t ride dinosaurs to church. Godless liberals is what they are. Good thing we’ve got President Bush to lead us. Mr. Dave Letterman put together a little film clip contrasting Mr. Bush’s inimitable speaking style with some famous Presidents of the past. Reassuring ain’t it? The picture? That’s a map of a classic "choke point"….. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 60% of the world’s oil flows through this strait. How long do you think that will continue if Mr. Bush strikes Iran with nuclear fire? If you’d like to let Mr. Bush know what you think of his plan for world economic and political disaster why go here and tell him. Don’t get me wrong. I think dropping nuclear bombs on anybody for any reason should be enough to get you locked up. But there are good practical reasons why this is not a good idea beyond the fact that it is morally indefensible.

Flash Udate: Senator Feinstein speaks to Bush: "Stop, don’t do it."

Flash Update II: This don’t keep ya up at night ya must be drinking too much.

Flash Update III: Our friends over at FireDogLake have some ideas about getting out government to listen to us. If you want to take effective action, they’ve done this on other issues with good success, go on over here……….. and get active.


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