My Letter to the DCCC upon getting a request for help from ‘Miss Nancy’.

Actually, she didn’t want my ‘help’ nor, as we know, any advice. Nope, she wanted the moola, the scratch, da do-re-me, the cabbage, da cheddah, cold hard cash. That’s what ‘Madame Speaker’ wants and no back-talk mind you neither!

Here’s what I posted to the DCCC’s blog. Oh yeah, they gots themselves one but I’m pretty sure they ain’t too thrilled with what the commenters are weighing in with:

Are you folks at the DCCC gonna wise up? This guy speaks for me:

Just curious, but does Chairman Van Hollen have any solid evidence to back this up?
Because from what I can tell from the feedback on the blogs right here, and the record low 11% approval rating the Democrat controlled Congress got in the latest Zogby poll (Less than 1/2 of what Bush got, if you can believe that!!), it has the ring of utter B.S.
It would seem that not even lifelong DEMOCRATS are “enthusiastically supporting the Democrats’ New Direction for the country”.

Every time you send me a damn email from Miss Nancy or ‘Sellout’ Reid asking for money I’m going over to ActBlue! and donate to real Democrats.

Go ahead, laugh. I don’t think you’ll be laughin’ after 2010 and you’ll be in another job in 2012 if you don’t start acting for the people instead of A.T.&T, Verizon and the rest of the corporatist scum who would sell this nation to China if they could.

Keep caving in to Bush and your corporatist backers like ‘Sellout’ Reid and see what you get.

One thing….

It won’t be my money.


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