Give Feinstein ‘The Word’ on FISA, No Immunity!

Urgent Alert!

Tell Senator Feinstein: No Amnesty for Lawbreaking Telecom Giants

Will Sen. Feinstein hold Bush and the telcos accountable?

Don’t let Senator Feinstein cave in to pressure by Bush and telecom giants. Tell her to publicly denounce immunity for lawbreaking companies like AT&T:

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In August, California Senator Dianne Feinstein helped the Bush administration push through Congress a bill that made the warrantless wiretapping of Americans legal. Many Democrats — with Feinstein leading the way — voted for the bill because they feared they would be seen as soft on terrorism if they stood up for the Constitution.

The bill only authorized warrantless wiretapping for six months, and now Bush is pressuring the Congress to renew the bill and add language that would grant retroactive immunity to the telecom companies who were complicit in his illegal spying program.

Bush wants amnesty for the telecom companies to thwart civil liberties lawsuits and cover-up his own lawbreaking. If these lawsuits aren’t allowed to go forward, we may never know the extent of the Bush program to spy on Americans.

Urge Senator Feinstein to stand up for civil liberties and not let the telcos off the hook.

Unfortunately, it appears that the Senate has negotiated a bill that — while incorporating some improvements — would grant retroactive immunity to telecom companies who broke the law by helping the Bush administration spy on their customers.

President Bush and the telcos need to be held accountable. Senator Feinstein holds a key vote on this issue, and we’re calling on her to take a public stance against immunity for the telecom industry.

Click here to tell Senator Feinstein to come out against immunity for big telecoms and a blank check for Bush’s lawbreaking.

Thank you for working to build a better world.

Will Easton, Manager Assets


One Response to Give Feinstein ‘The Word’ on FISA, No Immunity!

  1. A.Citizen says:

    Let’s get some action goin’ on here!

    It’s just yer Constitution rights that are bein’ flushed down the BushCo toilet is all…..

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