The thanks you get from your ‘friends’…..

Here’s Cal Thomas, not to put too fine a point on it, ReichWing Nutbag.

“Are Democrats so cynical that they would stir an already boiling pot in hopes that it would negate whatever success America may finally be having in quelling terrorist acts in Iraq? One would hope that is not the case, but given their leadership’s rhetoric about the war already being lost and their refusal to acknowledge even the slightest progress in Iraq as positive lest it reflect well on the Bush administration, cynicism about their cynical actions might be justified.”

Yeah, that’s right Miss Nancy, ‘Sellout’ Reid & Co. that you he’s talking about when he says ‘Democrats’. You do get this don’t ya? One of BushCo’s stalwart culture warriors has just stated for the record that you losing lost the Iraq war…

That’s what you get for ‘turning the other cheek’ to Mr. Decider the ‘compassionate conservative’.

Hope ya like it.


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