Well, well, well, turns out that the ‘Spineless Dems’ meme was….well, it’s not quite right….

Turns out that the ‘Democrat’ Party has an age-old affliction. Corruption is what it’s called folks. Jay Rockefeller chairman of the Judiciary Committee which is deciding whether or not to immunize your phone company from the legal penalties inherent in their illegally wiretapping you and millions of other Americans at BushCo. request has a little Verizon problem. Now, keep in mind that said request and wiretapping started PRIOR to 9/11 and continues to this day. Yep, spying on Americans by Bush and his cabal never has has anything to do with the IslamoTerrorist boogeyman.

What it has to do with is probably secreted somewhere in Dick Cheney’s diseased mind and really isn’t germane to this post. You see Senator Rockefeller isn’t the only one who is on the take. The tale has unfolded slowly after Senator ‘Sellout’ Reid’s carefully crafted plan to sneak TELCO immunity into the FISA bill collapsed because Senator Dodd stepped up to the plate and drove one far, far over the right field wall, it is baseball playoff season ya know, this put pressure on the other Presidential candidates who have all now, except for one, come around and promised to support Dodd’s filibuster of Reid’s sellout legislation. Those in the Senate have promised to join in the filibuster. Those not have all issued strong statements in support of Dodd.

Here’s John Edwards:

“Congress is considering new wiretapping laws that go well beyond the authority the president needs to keep our country safe by allowing wiretapping of Americans’ phone calls and emails without court supervision. Once again, George Bush is intimidating his critics with political threats.

“It’s time for Congress to show some backbone and stand up for the principles that have always made America strong. To defeat terrorism, we must preserve our moral authority to lead the world. If we are to succeed in spreading democracy abroad, we must defend the fundamental principles of democracy at home.”

Here’s Bill Richardson:

“Incredibly, the Senate stands on the verge of abetting another Presidential outrage by considering a bill that would grant immunity to telecommunications companies that admitted to assisting the government in spying on American citizens by disclosing personal information. This bill must not pass.

“We need strong leadership to prevent this latest injustice, not equivocation or political calculation. Senators Clinton and Obama say they will oppose the bill, but are leaving the door open to a potential compromise. There can be no compromise on personal rights and privacy. I urge my Democratic primary opponents, and every Senator, to stand up and state loudly and clearly — without any equivocation — that he or she will not pass any bill that grants retroactive immunity to companies that willingly aided the Bush administration in violating the law and spying on our own people.

Obama and Biden have both promised to support Dodd’s filibuster.

One voice has remained silent on this.

Now the CW on this holdout is that the campaign is staffed by cautious folks who mirror the candidate’s own proclivity for taking her time. But it would appear that Hillary has a bigger problem than that.

Simply put she’s on the take herself. To the tune of $87,130 in Telcom contributions in the 2006 cycle which is more than anyone else currently in the Senate

So, as I say the ‘Spineless Dem’ meme is dead as Reid, Rockefeller, Hillary and others have all had that curtain ripped away from the window to the truth about the ‘Democrat Party’ namely that it’s ‘no better than it should be….’

According to Republican standards of ethics.


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