Flash Alert! Make your opinion known to Senator Reid and the rest of the Congress!

The latest version of the  FISA bill with the stupid and unprecedented Telco immunization provision is in the Senate Judiciary Committee. Senator Leahy has vowed to strip that out. Senators Dodd, Biden and Obama have vowed to filibuster if it’s not. Senator Clinton as previously reported likes Telco cash too much to do anything to keep the government from wiretapping everything you do or say on the phone or over the Internet.

The little bastard in the picture above is talking compromise, he’s on the take from the Telcos also, and Free Left Blogistan is gearing up to apply pressure to every elected official concerned to strip this police state provision from an otherwise reasonable bill.

FireDogLake, as usual, has all the phone numbers and more right here………………..

I urge everyone to take the time and make the effort to call and make yourself heard. Be polite but firm, ‘No Telco immunity, period.’


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