Listen Up Jerry!

Good evening Jerry,

This from your blog sets the stage for what I have to say to you:

‘If you are one of the thousands of people who either volunteered or
contributed to my campaign for Congress in 2006, I want you to know that
I owe my election to you. When others said I would not be able to
overcome an entrenched seven-term House committee chairman, you believed
otherwise. Without your steadfast support, winning would not have been possible.’

I am one of those folks Jerry. I and my co-host malcontent and Kid
Oakland and others did exactly what you describe.

We helped you win.

We did that for a reason Jerry. We did it because we believed that you
would represent not only the people of your district but all the people
of America.

Now you’ve come down on the Republican side of several issues lately. I
disagree but respect your viewpoints. At least I did until I read that
you will support the elimination of the Estate Tax.

That’s one step too far sir. I’m not going to get into the pros and cons
of this.

The progressive agenda which is the agenda I support sir, does not
admit of eliminating this tax.

That would be bad for the nation fiscally and worse it undermines our
society by accelerating the stratification of wealth in our society
which is already at dangerous levels.

Dangerous levels Sir. I can give you reams of info on why this is bad
policy. If you truly don’t know why email me and I’ll pull something


If you persist in this position and vote accordingly.

You can count me out of your next campaign. And all those folks who took
the time and effort to walk your district who came from the East Bay?

I’m pretty sure you can count them out also.

That’s politics Jerry. You don’t deliver…

We won’t either.

Here is the FDL post which gave rise to mine. And here you can let Jerry know how you feel.


One Response to Listen Up Jerry!

  1. Mauimom says:

    Great post. States my feelings exactly. Thanks!!!

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