Exposed Part I: Don’t worry your government is watching….

Let’s start with a short quiz. Oh, come on it’s not going to hurt ya! Actually, some of this stuff might keep you healthy. Something of increasing importance thanks to the Democrats failure, so far, to do anything about universal healthcare.

Here we go:

Question One: What U.S. government agency regulated the ingredients in men and women’s makeup?

Question Two: Where can you find the ingredients used in the manufacture of men and women’s makeup?

Question Three: Blood testing of women who’ve lived in the EU for their whole life revealed how many
chemicals, not part of the human body’s functioning, present in studies conducted in 2005
by the World Wildlife Foundation?



More than Twenty?

That’s enough to get started with. See the answers on the flip….

Answer One: No U.S. government agency regulated the ingredients in makeup. This industry was exempted from
testing and regulation when, under pressure from Proctor and Gamble, the FDA was set up in 1938.
The only ‘requirement’ is that the ingredients used in your wife’s or girlfriend’s makeup be ‘safe’. Who
determines that? The manufacturer does.

Answer Two: There is no U.S. law which requires companies to tell you what’s in their products. You may
be able to find out from the Skin Deep Cosmetics Database. And then again…you may not.

Answer Three: The number varied according to age. Grandmothers were found with up to 68 foreign chemicals in
their blood. The next next generation has somewhat fewer. The grandchildren in the test had more.
The situation was getting worse.

The EU acted they drafted and passed legislation called REACH. Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemical substances. The new law entered into force on 1 June 2007.

It will come as no surprise to you that BushCo. fought tooth and nail, and President ‘Big Dog’ and his centrist ‘Demcrats’ also opposed this in the planning stages, to stop the EU from protecting it’s citizens.

You see the BushCo Fascistii, ever sensitive to lost profits, were convinced that REACH would cost the U.S. millions in jobs and profits. You could say they were right for once. But…

It’s turned out to be worse than that. Thanks to their bungling.

Tune in for Exposed Part II: Gosh…This isn’t working out the way BushCo planned… My next post, yet to be written or…

You can buy the book: ‘Exposed: The Toxic Chemistry of Everyday Products and What’s at Stake for American Power’


You can come meet the author Mark Shapiro on Jan 14th at our first big, big ‘Brain Food’ Event at Luka’s.



2 Responses to Exposed Part I: Don’t worry your government is watching….

  1. Kathleen says:

    “The only ‘requirement’ is that the ingrediants used in your wife’s or girlfriend’s make-up be ‘safe’.”

    why do you assume that the reader is a man? and a straight man for that matter. sheesh.

  2. A.Citizen says:

    My bad for sure!

    Would have been nice to have this criticism accompanied by some feedback on the issue….

    Ya know.

    But I guess issues of the patriarchy and LGBT will always be more important than the actions of your
    government to allow corporatist Amerikkka to poison you.

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