Would you like to make ‘The Rabbit’ Emmanuel sweat?

Well you are not alone. The folks at FireDogLake are getting active in an effort to get The Rabbit to shut the fuck up with his stupid ideas on immigration legislation and also get up off his knees when Bush enters the room.

Read about it here.

The chicken picture? Clik there and got the activist group based in RahmBo’s district who have been and are spearheading this fight. The chicken represents Rep. Emmanuel’s lack of moral backbone…or any other kind for that matter. It was a big hit at YearlyKos 2007.

Here is a video which shows you just how bat-shit crazy Ol’ Rabbit and his pals in the Houser truly are. Warning! Have yer barf bags at the ready.

If you want a to send a message to these fools now’s the time to pitch in and get started.


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