Are you as sick of Miss Nancy and her ‘corporatist’ Democrat ways? Well I’ve got the tonic for what ails ya!

The woman’s name is Cindy Sheehan. And I’ll let her speak for herself:


It has been rumored that Nancy Pelosi would put impeachment back on
the table were she to receive 10,000 hand written letters encouraging
her to do so. Whether this is a true statement or not we feel it would
be a very powerful message to send the speaker and congress. Help us
take thousands of letters to Nancy. Lets make this action our Miracle
on 34th st. Our holiday present, accountability and justice.

Dear Friends
Instead of sending your Impeachment letters for Dick Cheney to Nancy
Pelosi's office, send them to my office so we can get an official

Please send them to:

Nancy Pelosi
c/o Cindy for Congress
RE: Impeach Dick Cheney
1260 Mission St
San Francisco, Ca 94103

We are extending the deadline to gather as many letters as possible.
Please send your letter by Tuesday November 27th.

Spread this far and wide so we can take sacks of letters to her.
Don't include anything besides the letter (like a contribution)
because we won't be opening the envelopes.

Sample Letter

Dear Speaker Pelosi,

I am writing to urge you to support House Resolution 333, Articles of
Impeachment against Vice President Richard B. Cheney.  Please consider your
constitutional duty to step forward to protect our democracy from further harm.

The heart of the current crisis is a Constitutional one.  The American people
elected a democratic majority to restore our system of checks and balances, the
rule of law, and our international standing as an exemplar of democratic
leadership and values in the world community. It has become clear to an
ever-increasing majority of the American people that the President and Vice
President are actively opposing progress in these endeavors.

To date, the evidence of impeachable offenses is overwhelming: the Bush
administrations' use of illegal wiretapping and other forms of electronic
surveillance, violations of the U.N. Torture Convention and the Geneva
Convention, torture and extraordinary rendition, signing statements, and war
lies.  These activities individually and certainly collectively warrant a
complete immediate investigation by the Congress.

As Speaker of the House, you can play a pivotal role in restoring our
constitutional rights and preventing further abuses of power by the Executive
branch by supporting HR333. Please don't betray us.

Donate to Cindy's Campaign
Join Cindy's Listseve


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