Counting Chickens?

Lotta loose talk about how Hillary/Obama are shoe-ins to be the next President of the United States. Digby, incisive commentator on ‘The Village’, Washington D.C. by a much more apt
name, anonymously quotes a ‘Village Elder’ as follows:

‘ The GOP remains confident, however, on its messaging ability and willingness of the mainstream media to carry its talking points. Just tune in and watch pundits Tim Russert and Chris Matthews, who began their careers as Democratic aides on the Hill, carry on a dialogue that Social Security is a “Ponzi scheme.” Their former employers, Daniel Moynihan and Tip O’Neill, roll over in their graves. This type of elite pundit narrative is repeated daily on television, radio and op-ed pages. The next media magic trick will be to make George Bush, as Digby notes, “disappear.” It worked for Karl Rove and Alberto Gonzales who have made Nixon’s henchmen Haldeman and Mitchell look like amateurs. Rather than Rove being investigated by the mainstream media, he now has a column in Newsweek. The Democratic nominee will not only have to defeat the GOP nominee, but also the elite media narrative.’

I think that’s just about right. But what is truly worrying is how the Democoratic leadership seems determined to ‘run out the clock’ on Bush and the Republicans. From the idiocy of Rahm Emmanuel’s determination that the party will run to the right of the ReThugs on Immigration, to failure on FISA, Impeachment, the CAFTA and many other issues Madame Speaker ‘It’s off the table…’ has allowed oversight to stall, subpoena’s to be ignored and generally carried on as if all that the party need do is wait until The Hill is anointed and then they can get to work. Does not seem to have occurred to her that at that point she and Rahm and Schumer and Reid….

Own the occupation of Iraq.

More from Digby’s column:

‘Congressional Democrats, however, sometimes act as if it is still 2002 when they were still in the minority. The big bad Republicans will distract the country and beat them into submission. Bush has a 25% approval rating. There is absolutely no political price in opposing the initiatives of the GOP. On national security issues, the Democrats need to take the “kick me” sign off their backs. Bush has weakened our national security with this reckless war in Iraq. Bombing Iran will only add to the terrorist threat. This has to be clearly stated.’

A repeat of the disaster of the 2002 off-year election seems more than possible. The Democrats ran away from the war issue and got hammered. Perhaps that is what it will take to generate enough anger in the party establishment to get rid of the Democrat Loser Caucus as exemplified by The Rabbit, Schumer and Reid. Far too high a price to pay but it may be so.

From a Digby commenter we get to the heart of the matter:

‘… it’s like this in politics, every day, with Klein and his ilk. They are advising a course of action that sets off everybody’s embarrassment squick, and nobody’s gonna vote for the guy who you watch and it’s like your baseball team’s getting whomped. You’re up in the stands, having your tenth beer in an hour, pulling your hat down over your face and hoping nobody is looking at you. Or your team. You don’t even want to be there because the yuck might rub off on you.

Is that dumb and irrational? Sure. We’re talking about perception and strategy here, so it’s dumb and irrational. But Democrats won in 2006 by acting like they didn’t give a fuck what Republicans thought, they were gonna fix the mess we’re in, and everybody was happy, and they felt like winners, and people like winning because the parties are better, and so on and so on. I don’t know what it will take for them to act like that again. A veto-proof majority? A Democratic president? Both? The sudden and unexplained silence of every pundit everywhere? A memory transfusion? I really don’t know what it’s going to take but I can tell you for damn sure going back to the glory days of 2002 is not the answer here.’

In conclusion, here’s my comment in response to a Chris Bowers post that Hillary/Obama had the nomination pretty much sewed up, mind you Chris rarely admits that Edwards is even in the race and to him Kucinich is a bad joke, something that for some strange reason kinda pissed me off:

‘I guess I gotta get ready for President Ghoulianni then…

Neither Clinton nor Obama are gonna beat him.
Looking on the bright side maybe we will be able to use the general election defeat to finally put a stake in the heart of the DLC.

The ‘Democrat Loser Committee’.Bleah……’

Another commenter wanted to know if I’d vote for Hillary to which I replied:

‘I will not. Not out of any sense of sour grapes but primarily because both of them have categorically rejected the progressive agenda. They are corporatists and will work solely and exclusively to advance that failed agenda which, in the end, will do great damage to the nation until it is shown to be just as bankrupt of solutions to our nation’s problems as ‘conservatism’ has shown itself to be. See Chris’s post of today, up thread, for some additional insight into why I will not vote for Hillary or Obama.’


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