The Privatization Plague

I have watched as Govenor Ronald Reagan first attempted to destroy the California state government, and then went on, as President, to do the same to the federal government. We are dealing with this legacy now, as we see gutted state and federal agencies unable to provide essential services in times of emergency, as we see our infrastructure crumble due to corruption. And now we have Govenor Arnold Schwarzenegger carrying on this “proud” Reagan tradition.

As someone who has worked as a civil servant for the state of California, as someone who saw his mother and father both work as career civil servants for the state of California, I am offended by the way government workers are often depicted. They are too often described as lazy, incompetent, and worse. My parents worked hard and were proud of their work, and they were very competent.

The problems with government are not due to the civil servants, they are due to the same problem that plagues private corporations, GREED. Greedy politicians and their pork barrel projects, their bridges to nowhere. Greedy politicians ignoring laws and regulations. Greedy, corrupt politicians taking money from corporate lobbyists.

Big government is not the problem, and privatization is definitely NOT the answer. There is far more greed in the corporate world then in government. A prime example of why privatization is not the answer is that of the prison system. The United States has approximately 4.5% of the world’s population, but has the highest rate of imprisionment in the world with almost 2 million people imprisioned. The primary reason for this is GREED. Private prisons are paid by OUR government with OUR money on a per head basis, so it is in their interest to keep prison populations and their PROFITS high.

For more insight into this issue, please see this excellent article:

Arnold’s Privatization Push: A Dangerous Giveaway For California

As A.Citizen has said, this is important!


One Response to The Privatization Plague

  1. A.Citizen says:

    Good points and a set of issues every citizen should have in mind when evaluating candidates this coming election season.

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