For Extra Bonus Points who is this speaking?

Republicans let their ideology masquerade as morality. Just where in the Gospel does it say that torture is okay?
How moral is it to give an $85 billion tax cut to people making a million dollars a year and then deny health care to children and to tens of millions of Americans; or to tell 400,000 qualified kids they can’t go to college because they can’t afford it? How is it moral to go to war unnecessarily, without enough troops without the right equipment for the troops we send or the proper care for those who come home? How is that moral?

Before a Democrat can lead, he or she must get elected. We know the Republican playbook. They’ll say we’re weak. They’ll play on people’s fears, not their hopes. Ask yourself: who do you want in the ring to take their best shots and then give it back, better, harder, and faster than they gave it?

They can’t attack me on Iraq. I’m still the only candidate who’s proposed a political solution that will make it possible for our troops to come home without trading a dictator for chaos. They can’t attack me on supporting the troops. I’ve led the fight to get them Mine Resistant vehicles, increasing their chances of surviving a roadside bomb by 300 percent. They can’t attack me on terror. None of them have worked harder to protect our ports, trains, tunnels, chemical and nuclear plants from attack.
I can’t wait for that fight. I can’t wait to debate Romney or Thompson. I can hardly wait for Rudy.

I want it. I relish it. And I will win it.

Masquerade as morality! I like it


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