Nope, despite what PumpkinHead and Tweety would have you believe…..

Hillary Clinton has not been selected as the Democratic Party nominee for President of the United States. Yeah, yeah…. you knew that. But deep down in the back of your hippocampus, the lizard-brain part, you’re pretty sure she’s running away with it but I can assure you…..

It ain’t over yet.

In line with our never ending attempts to bring you accurate info about what’s really going on as opposed to ReThug lies and spin served on a tin-plated platter to you by the fatuous, paid liars of the corporatist press I’ve created a new side-bar widget.

It’s over there on the upper right and contains handy links to’s good work on all the early primaries. With one clik of the button you can check the polls. Of course it will take more than that clik to gain understanding. Due to the peculiar nature of caucuses and the MOE of polling don’t’ expect to understand situation using just the graphs. It takes more than that.

I’ve also included some preliminary links, I’ve asked for help on this from the rest of Free Left Blogistan, to progressive bloggers in the early states. Check it all out. And take this to the bank….

The race is a dead heat in the early states.


One Response to Nope, despite what PumpkinHead and Tweety would have you believe…..

  1. A.Citizen says:

    Hot tips dudes: Bleeding Heartland and Primary Place are happenin’. I also favro Blue Hampshire. Now get in there and clik thru. This took me most of the afternoon to research and code.

    There will be a quiz!

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