From on the ground in IA: Dead Heat!

The estimable Mike Lux of OpenLeft had this to say today:

Here’s my assessment of where the campaign is at based on my visit this weekend to Iowa:

1. The Obama surge feels real to me. Obama’s team on the ground is feeling quite optimistic about things, and they weren’t even downplaying things the way most campaigns do who are trying to keep expectations down. Most of the people I talked to while I was there predicted Obama would win, and they give him some clear momentum.

2. I think Hillary is hanging in there solidly. She still has a great organization, which is not losing any steam, and AFSCME and EMILY’s List both have impressive independent expenditure campaigns working hard and at a big volume. She’s keeping things very close, and if Obama stumbles at all, or she catches a lucky break, she still has a solid shot at winning.

3. My theories about Edwards fading don’t seem as likely to me after my visit. His organization still seems just as strong as my last visit, and in some conversations with folks from rural Iowa that came in for Saturday’s Heartland Presidential Forum, I get the impression that he is still the strongest of the three in rural IA, which is important.

4. Biden has more momentum than Richardson or Dodd going into the final month, and is picking up traction in some places around the state. I expect him to finish fourth , but he has a very long way to go to pull off a shocker and get into the top three- he’s not surging by anywhere near that much, not yet at least.

With exactly a month to go, this race continues to look like a tight race down to the end, and at least right now, feels much more like a 3-way race than a 2-way.

Here’s Edward’s on the stump:

I, A.Citizen, approved this partisan message and have one question for ya?

Are you or are you not going to support the candidate who more than any other offers a vision of America as it ought to be, or not?

Get over to our ‘For a Blue Majority Now!’ page and kick in $20.00! What are you waiting for? President Giuliani!


One Response to From on the ground in IA: Dead Heat!

  1. A.Citizen says:

    Call your friends. This is it. Time to put your money where your mouth’s been for the only candidate that matters.

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