Strange….Obama and The Hill ‘Duke it Out’…Obama is ‘Surging’ nice use of language there MSM..Yet….

Everywhere I go in Free Left Blogistan from the A-List blogs to the tiniest voice in the ‘sphere….

Folks are reacting with disgust towards Senator ‘Hope’ and the word on The Hill?

She ain’t inevitable no more. Now mind you this is in the threads. The posters are still studying the entrails of all the dead birds the pollsters killed last week. Sadly, to no avail. No one but Bowers is willing to say who’s ahead, he sez Obama, and he basically did that just to see what would happen. I reckon how you vote, or in Obama’s case don’t bother so, does matter to folks.

So the counter attack from progressives has begun. Those Dems who figured to protect their ‘Reich’ flank from conservative attack once they got to the general by using the techniques of ‘The Rabbit’ Emmanuel and ‘Chuckie Cheese’ Schumer and emulating the rhetoric, racism, jingoistic nativism of the ReThuglicans have used so well in past elections now find themselves exposed on their left to the likes of Edwards, Biden (yeah he got a bump this week) and even Dennis the Menace (I like lot’s of things about Kucinich but he’s not really seriously running) on the issues of:




Lying to get elected…Obama really screwed up there this week. People finally woke up to the fact that he holds every possible position on every issue.

Talking out of all side of her mouth…The Hill doesn’t quite ‘get’ Youtube.

Still a dead heat but Edwards is looking pretty dangerous right now. Clinton is flailing and the worst possible thing that could happen to Obama did.

People are asking; ‘Who is this Obama guy anyway?’

Check out our new ‘Primary Central’ top, upper right sidebar feature. Confound you friends. Drive that nutball a work even crazier with your up to the minute
knowledge on the polling numbers. Much more fun than Fantasy Football which every fat, wannabe plays now anyway.

I just whipped up a poll so you can test you knowledge against all them corn ranchers in IA. It’s reached by the following link due to WordPress being…well WordPress!


Who will win the Democratic Primary Caucus in Iowa?


Survey by Quibblo


One Response to Strange….Obama and The Hill ‘Duke it Out’…Obama is ‘Surging’ nice use of language there MSM..Yet….

  1. A.Citizen says:

    So far our Presidential IA poll is all tied up between three candidates.


    One of ’em is big surprise. Check it out.

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