How’s yer wallet these days?

Henry Kravis is doin’ well thanks:

Here’s a comment on the YouTube page:

‘SO many jealous people here. This guy is a businessman, thats all. If anyone here could do what he does, YOU WOULD.. Hey, Lions eat the lambs, thats life.’

Thing is this mouthbreather can’t seem to grasp the fact that he’s one of the lambs. Er…rather he’s a lambchop. And his government, led by the frat-boy made good, is the butcher neatly packaging the tax cuts he’s made and shipping them to Mr. Kravis. You see Mr. Mouthbreather, Herr Kravis is ‘doing well’ because he has friends who send you tax dollars to his bank. Not because he’s some sort of fantastic businessman.


The next time some assclown of a ‘conservative’ sez: ‘We just can’t afford to fix/repair/solve that bridge/school/health problem without raising taxes!’

Tell ’em, ‘No problemo pal. We’ll just raise Mr. Kravis’s taxes to where they used to be. Got a problem with that?’


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