Oprah and another of her ‘Good Friends’….

This is the companion post to one I did about Oprah and her good, good friend I did recently. There’s been a lot of talk about this ‘event’ and what it means. I can tell you my opinion pretty quick. It means I hope Obama never gets within a million miles of the White House.

Here’s Seymour Glass over at MyDD:

‘Update about the Oprah and Obama show at the Mancheser Verizon Center.

Its now Monday and the Oprahalooza stage has been struck {by non union workers}up in New Hampshire. But what did Obama and Oprah have to say last night about the stagehand’s union being locked out of the venuue, the NH picket line and the long and lasting WGA strike?

Here’s a Spoiler – Not Very Much.’

See slick talkin’ Barrack thinks havin’ the billionaire Oprah pimpin’ his campaign will help him with a segment he’s suckin’ wind in, women, specifically black women. Now me I don’t see that but what I think is pretty mild compared to what Seymour serves up in his post:

Its Over. In NH – What did Obama And Oprah Say About Unions?

Read it, it’s some old-fashioned working class, that’s me homes, rhetoric. I dug it big time.


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