Did Edwards ‘Seal the Deal’ tonight?

Maybe, speaking at the last Dem debate before IA folks go to the mattresses caucuses. Here’s what JRE had to say:

Yep, it’s about us. Not Obama…not Hillary…not Bill…not Tweety and PumpkinHaid…not even Bush. It’s about us. Here’s what some a leading IA blogger, from a blog we link to by the way, had to say after the debate.

“Edwards Did Indeed Win the Debate.” Chris Woods, of Bleeding Heartland, wrote, “I’m going to argue that John Edwards did indeed win the debate. He articulated a coherent message that blamed corruption, greed, and entrenched interests for the problems America faces. He also clearly told viewers that the only way to enact the policies and proposals that the candidates have promised is to elect a president that will unite America to stand up and fight back against these people. His criticisms were constant, his answers honest, and his leadership potential was clear. He told us how he is fighting for the middle class, and how he’s the candidate to truly enact change.”

I got this off a fabulous post by the most excellent NCDemAmy over at OrangeLand titled:

Iowa Voters Declare John Edwards the Winner of the DMR Debate!

Clik thru and check it out. Lots of vid clips and lots of Edwards kicking butt. No matter what Kos says. He’s all Obama now…sheesh.


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