I’m starting a new campaign to ‘persuade’ the Democratic ‘Leadership’ that they need to start listening….

Listening to us. To Progressives not to the corporatist scum that ‘The Rabbit’ Rahm Emmanuel and Chuck ‘CashOut’ Shumer luv so much. I’m not alone in this OpenLeft and others are sick and tired of  ‘centrist’ Democrats sitting on their hands while Bush continues to loot the Treasury and destroy the Army. The ‘cave-ins’ by Pelosi are coming so fast and furious that you can’t keep up with them.

Here’s the letter you can send to support the Donor’s Strike:

To: Senator Chuck Schumer, Chair, Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC)
Rep. Chris Van Hollen, Chair, Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC)

I write to inform you that I am joining the Democratic Donor Strike against the DSCC and DCCC.

While I continue to support the Democratic Party and will contribute to Democratic committees
and candidates who are fighting for progressive causes, I will not support the
DSCC or DCCC until the Democratic-controlled Congress accomplishes these four goals:

1. Restrict any new Iraq funds to a safe withdrawal of U.S. troops – not another penny for occupation or the Bush-Maliki "enduring security guarantees"

2. Prohibit any use of funds to plan or execute a pre-emptive attack on Iran, and repeal the
post-9/11 Authorization of Use of Military Force that Bush and Cheney believe authorizes
them to attack Iran or any other country they please, as well as to wiretap all our calls
and emails without warrants

3. Fully restore the Constitution by strictly outlawing warrantless wiretapping and torture,
closing Guantanamo, and restoring habeas corpus

4. Complete the investigation of White House crimes by using "inherent contempt" to
compel testimony by current and former White House officials

I understand that it takes a majority of votes to accomplish these goals, but I consider it the
responsibility of Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, as the Leaders of our Party, to deliver
those votes.

If you want my help, I will be delighted to lobby my Senators and Representative to support
whatever legislation you introduce to accomplish these goals, and to encourage all my
friends and relatives to join me in this lobbying. All you have to do is lead the way.

Thank you for your attention to my urgent concerns about the crisis we face as a Nation.

If you think this looks worthwhile go here for the email version. I think this approach has possibilities and we should give it a try. As they say money talks.


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