FISA Fight is On! Dodd needs our help!

As you may or may not know ‘SellOut’ Reid, creature of the Telcoms, is planning on giving them a pass on breaking the law at the urging of Mr. Decider. Reid has decided to do this despite the fact that no one outside the secret bubble of the Telcoms and Mr. Deciders now gigantic spy apparatus knows exactly what they did. Think about that for a minute and then clik on the graphic below and make some phone calls to help Senator Dodd and others stop ‘SellOut’ and his corrupt
cabal of corporatist scum.

Send the word…the law is for everyone.

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11 Responses to FISA Fight is On! Dodd needs our help!

  1. I never thought I’d see the day when ‘opposition politicians’ would concede democracy and enable the commission of illegal acts on the part of the government. Other than a few senators, I see no leadership from either party; even the majority party has become a danger to America’s laws and principles. Leadership requires courage. Our Congress is governing through fear. As a patriot, I am disgusted and defeated.

  2. It is inconceivable that the American Govt. wants such extensive powers to spy on everyone. Phones are private zones that may cover Medical and Legal issues + the most intimate communications about work, sex, family conflict. We must have the assurance we retain a zone of privacy for these matters.

    Do not grant amnesty for those companies that have gone along with this invasion and betrayed their paying customer. We will support Sen Dodd in every action he takes to stop this horrible offense to American law and values.

    Rev. Beverly Lawson, JD, M. Div.

  3. Nadine Larkin says:

    I support you Sen. Dodd! Thank you for standing up for our Constitutional rights. Hoping it is not too late and others that are supposed to represent us will stand with you.

  4. Ulysses says:

    This stand by Senator Dodd, along with the recent floor speech by Senator Whitehouse, gives me hope that there are still some folks in the U.S. Senate committed to preserving the U.S. Constitution. Thank you Senator Dodd… thank you!

  5. Donna Williams says:

    Thank you, Senator Dodd. For standing up for the rule of law. I hope that your actions will lead to a groundswell of support across the land, and most importantly, from your fellow Senators. I simply don’t comprehend what Sen. Reid is doing here. He owes you and us, all of America, an explanation for why, once again, he is caving to the President. It is simply wrong for the telecoms to receive retroactive immunity for something that apparently no one outside the Administration, aside from Senator Reid, has specific knowledge of.

  6. Colleen H. Whitehead says:

    Thank you so much, Senator Dodd, for standing up for the rule of law and preserving what is left of our Constitution.

    Our country is in such sad shape due to the Bush / Cheney drive to create an all powerful, unchecked executive. So much lawless activity – warrantless surveillance, torture, launching a war of choice in Iraq under false pretenses, detaining people without charge for years, promoting the disenfranchisement of voters under the euphemism of fighting [non-existent] voter fraud, etc., etc., etc.

    The Bush administration simply ignores laws it finds inconvenient and thumbs its nose at Congressional [or judicial] oversight. It refuses to provide information it is obligated to provide under statute or court order and then says no investigation of anything is warranted because there is no ‘proof’ of wrongdoing – when it is the entity which has the evidence of wrongdoing but has refused to share such evidence with properly constituted authorities.

    You will be conducting this filibuster at great personal sacrifice. It is not easy to buck the conventional wisdom of the elite pundits, which in this case is that telecomm immunity is needed for those poor companies to save them from ruin. All they needed to do was to obey the law. What telecomm immunity does is to further eviscerate the rule of law.

    Further, the filibuster will take time from your campaign for the Democratic Party nomination for President. You will be placing the Constitution above your own personal advancement. That is the sign of a true leader. It is sad that at the moment I am writing this all of the other Senators running for President prioritize their possible personal advancement in politics over preserving the Constitution.

    Thank you again for your service to our country.

  7. There’s nothing unusual about the Congress getting a poor rating by the members of the opposition party, or even by “independents” or unaffiliated or non-voters, But when YOUR OWN party members join your opponents in complaining about your record, you need to wake up and smell the coffee!

    We’ve had enough of politicians using their modest paying “public sector” job as a gateway to high paying “private sector” jobs. There would never have been a United States of America if our founding fathers had been the type of soulless politicians that we are cursed with today.

  8. jean simpson says:

    Read the Constitution since the present administration isn’ familiar with it or they don’t think it applies to them!!! thanks Sen. Dodd (from my former home state)

  9. Nancy Tally says:

    Thank you Senator Dodds I just sent 100 Dollars to support your ran for President, You Sir, place the Constitution before your personal advancement. All the other Senators ( Running for President) who did not think this issue was important enough to get back for this vote, should have lost respect of every America who cares about their civil liberties and the rule of law. Every America should send Sen. Dodds a donation, for standing for the people, for not turning his back on us in our time of need in these very dark days.

  10. Real leadership is a rare quality. Thank you. My reading choice is Animal Farm.

  11. […] FISA Fight is On! Dodd needs our help! As you may or may not know ‘SellOut’ Reid, creature of the Telcoms, is planning on giving them a pass on […] […]

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