Filibuster for Freedom: Day One…Kennedy puts the boot in.

Ted Kennedy tells it like it is to his fat, corrupt fellow Senators. That’s you LieberToad and Jim ‘I wet my pants’ Sessions I’m talkin’ about. Feinstein’s up to her old tricks to with a stupid amendment. Watch Ted and be advised that I’ve never had so many responses to a post. Stay mad and be ready to light up the phones. Here’s Senator Kennedy:

Here’s a petition to ‘SellOut; Reid. And here’s a spot at Senator Dodd’s website where you can leave him a personal message. Give this real American patriot some love folks. He surely deserves it.

You can contact the Senators, and see who’s leaning which way, here………..

Flash Update: ‘Sellout Reid’ caves. You did it. With our help Dodd wins this round!

Flash Update II: From Senator Dodd’s filibuster team these are the numbers from his website. The represent only a small fraction of the citizens who took action and forced a postponement on Reid’s ‘SellOut’:

11,300+ people emailed the Senators (16,000 people visited the page, a 75% follow through rate)…

506,000+ emails were sent to the Senate…

5,700+ comments were submitted through the website (350+ were posted on Twitter) in 7 hours…

135+ people joined the Facebook group since 11am…

340 people reported the phone calls they made to the Senate…


One Response to Filibuster for Freedom: Day One…Kennedy puts the boot in.

  1. A.Citizen says:

    Over half a million emails folks.

    You, the citizens of America were heard.

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