John Edwards for President.

He’s the person we need.

Hey, it’s a little corny but it beats the hell, beats the hell I say, out of Senators Cackle and Compromise. Neither of which could be bothered to stand with Senator Dodd yesterday in the Telco immunity fight against Mr. ButtHead and his ‘Democrat’ Party sycophants.

You can support John at our ‘For a Blue Majority Now’ page.

If not now, when?


3 Responses to John Edwards for President.

  1. A.Citizen says:

    Yeah, Cackle and Compromise….if either of them get in might as well get shopping for that cardboard box your gonna be living in because that’s all the ReThugs and their Uber-rich backers plan on leaving you with.

    Almost puked my morning coffee up when I read that The Hill plans to send Big Puppy and George H.W. Bush, yeah that’s ‘Poppy’ Bush, out on a world tour to ‘reassure’ the folks out there that ‘America’ is back.


    How dumb is Senator Cackle? How dumb does she think the rest of the world is? How dumb does she think we are?

    Edwards/Dodd Unity 08!

  2. fotokew says:

    edwards is the only one that can clean up this sh*t pile we have now!

  3. Flint says:

    Visibility rally events this weekend starting Friday at Rockridge Bart 5 pm, saturday at 51st and Broadway at noon and Sunday at Ashby and claremont at 11 am. Go to find the ONE CORPS button, enter your zip and get active. Join us at one of these events, join or create a one corps chapter and enter an event in the calendar. If you are in the bay area and need rally signs or flyers for your event contact me at the events posted near zip code 94611
    Go John go!

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