Edwards Headed for First in Iowa!

From desmoinesdem a fabuluous blogger, he is a volunteer precinct captain for JRE in Des Moines, for Bleeding Heartland.

I’ve been reading his stuff for months, he’s level headed and not given to attacking the other candidates.

Here’s what he has to say tonight:

‘A few weeks ago I wrote a diary about John Edwards’ positive message to Iowans in response to the argument that “there is no positive narrative for the Edwards campaign now”. I had to laugh as I read some bloggers and pundits claim that Edwards would fade like Dick Gephardt did four years ago because he was “only attacking.”

I knew how many undecided voters were still giving Edwards their serious consideration. I knew how strong the campaign’s organization was in Iowa. Most important, I knew that DrFrankLives got it right when he said:’

‘He’s the best closer ever. he was in the courtroom and he is in campaigns.
Just watch.’

Best closer ever…..

Read the rest right here, lots of cool links to other IA bloggers, and get ready to support JRE in the home stretch. If he wins IA all bets are off as to Hillary’s ‘inevitability’ and Obama’s ‘Oprah moment’


One Response to Edwards Headed for First in Iowa!

  1. fact mammal says:

    Couldn’t imagine how would a better writer of skill would write.

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